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Ivan Ahel, University of Oxford, UK

Peter Bay, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Carles Canto,
Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, Lausanne, Switzerland

Daniela Corda,
National Research Council, Naples, Italy

Nicola Curtin,  
Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Francoise Dantzer,
University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

Sebastian Deindl 
(EMBO YIP Lecture), Uppsala University. Uppsala, Sweden

Anthony Fehr, University of Kansas, USA

Vera Gorbunova, University of Rochester, USA

Hana Hanzlikova, 
Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Giuditta Illuzzi,
 AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK

Heike Keilhack, Ribon Therapeutics, Boston, USA

Lee Kraus, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA.

Anthony Leung, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Karolin Luger
 (EMBO Keynote Lecture), HHMI and University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Ivan Matic (EMBO YIP Lecture), Max Planck Institute for Aging, Cologne, Germany

Marcin Suskiewicz, CNRS Orléans, France

Gyula Timinszky, Institute of Genetics, Szeged, Hungary

Zhao-Qi Wang, Leibniz Institute for Aging Research, Jena, Germany

José Yelamos, Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, Barcelona,  Spain.


  • Applications Opening
    27 January 2023
  • Youth Travel Fund Grants
    20 March 2023
  • Applications closing
    20 March 2023
  • Closing times: 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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